Hello World

Hello! Here’s the deal, I’m super fucking passionate about health and nutrition and trying to make a difference in peoples lives with proper health and nutrition. I decided to start a blog, it’s been something I have mulled over for months but a recent spark in motivation has led me to take dive into the blogger-sphere.  I have no clue how this blog will go, there is no agenda. I will start off saying I have no “credentials” in the health or nutrition field however I am working to change that. The only thing I have is a fucking passion and fire for this lifestyle and that to me parallels any “official” degree or certification (of course those add credibility which is ever important in the health and nutrition world).

I have been passionate about this lifestyle for almost a decade and plan on continuing that for the rest of my life. Over the past 18 months I have had major and minor injuries to what seems like every part of my body. I have had back, neck, and shoulder problems specifically and those injuries at times have taken away something I love to do which is  workout! . I recovered (and am still recovering) by putting the right things in my body, telling pharmaceutical drugs (and the doctors that prescribe them) to fuck off and still going to the gym and working out five days a week despite many moderations I have had to make to my workouts.

The point is if your injured it fucking sucks there is no other way to put it especially if it interferes with doing something you love. I am a huge believer that you can heal faster and protect yourself long term with proper nutrition. If you disagree that’s cool I’m not writing to get into pointless debates. That’s the goal of this blog (or whatever you want to call it), that’s the goal of my future posts and rants–to help people who have been through injury get back to doing what they love and to promote a healthy lifestyle . At the end of the day If these posts help one person or five million that’s fucking cool and that’s why I am doing this. Because I have “been there” figuratively, literally and everywhere in between and when I was just getting into this lifestyle I took all the advice I could get (and still do) and I feel if you don’t pass on your knowledge or insights then it’s being wasted.

“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates

(I’m big on indie and alternative music so I will probably post some of that occasionally as well)

The blog name “nutrition-er” I just made up but the idea is that people who are interested in nutrition are “nutrition-ers”, like a community–think people from Pittsburgh being called Pittsburgher’s, cool?

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