Why Juicing Will Help you Take Back your Health…No Needles Involved

Hey Everyone,

One thing I have noticed recently whether it be at the gym, work or in public I always seem to run into people who state that they either eat a ton of fruit and vegetables or they don’t eat an adequate amount. Here’s the deal–if you want to maintain long term health,build muscle, burn fat, conquer the world or pass your economics class fruits and vegetables will help. Fruits and vegetables have TONS of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help brain function, circulation, blood pressure, joint health, inflammation and the list goes on. This may seem obvious and in reality it should be, however despite how obvious it seems we as a society are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. In reality, who has time? Corporate America gets the best of most of us and with family and other obligations we often put our health on the backburner. The key is to understand that if your health suffers that will hinder other areas of life. I am going to repeat that because it is something we all might be aware of, but are simply desensitized to that notion. IF OUR HEALTH SUFFERS THAT WILL HINDER OTHER AREAS OF LIFE. Get it? I believe it was Ghandi who suggested that “Heath is the real wealth”. That phrase is so powerful, and overlooked. We are getting to a point in history in which we think work, work, work and forget to take care of ourselves. So this is the foundation of this post, one simple way to make sure we are putting our health first that is quick and easy and mostly cost effective. This doesn’t come in a shiny box, or a late night infomercial. The solution? Juicing (and no, not that type of juicing *needle emoji*).

Juicing fruits and vegetables.

By juicing (or blending) a variety of fruits and veggies you get a ton of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and some fiber. First it tastes great, I juice all kinds of dark leafy green vegetables (potent cancer fighters) and sometimes those aren’t the best tasting however mixed with 4-5 strawberries you cannot even taste the green veggies. Juicing lets you consume a ton of fruits and vegetables at once, you can probably meet the minimum daily recommended value by having one or two juices a day. It is extremely easy from start to finish it takes me about 8-10 minutes to assemble my juicer, wash my fruits and vegetables, clean and disassemble my juicer. Everybody is busy but everyone has 10 minutes, really 10 minutes to be healthy? It truly is that easy and there is no late night 1-800 number to call. There are a multitude of benefits for juicing but some of the main benefits include:

  1. increase immunity
  2. increase energy
  3. feeling of fullness (less binge eating)
  4. faster recovery from workouts

Some of my favorite things to juice are Kale (cliché’ but a powerhouse vegetable) and dandelion greens (great natural diuretic and also very good for arthritis pain and prevention). I also always juice Beet’s which boost the body’s nitric oxide levels (for my bro’s THAT MEANS MORE PUMP! MORE VASCULARITY)! Increased nitric oxide production is great for reducing blood pressure and is beneficial for those with high cholesterol. I also use a variety of fruits as a base (to mask the taste of those veggies). I vary my fruits (and juices in general) but usually I use oranges (great free radical fighter which is necessary post workout) strawberries (great for the brain and prevention of Alzheimer’s) or an apple. A little fruit goes a long way to mask the taste of the vegetables. Cucumbers are something I juice regularly as well which are great for ligament and tendon health as well as skin health (they contain a natural source of silica which is essential for healthy tendons and ligaments).

I don’t do one specific juice I try to do a different mix weekly this keeps your taste buds guessing and provides the body with a diverse mix of nutrients that we are certainly not getting from the standard American diet (don’t even get me started). If anyone is interested in juicing check out this great and easy to follow recipe site. Also check out the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Died it is on Netflix and it is highly popular, it changed my life forever, maybe you will gain some insights as well.

Your health matters, remember that, its all you have. Take control of it.


P.S I did mention this blog would tackle edm, indie and alt music so I will do a post about that soon here are  a few songs/bands I am listening to very regularly.

St. Vincent-Teenage Talk (I don’t know she is growing on me, this song is so simple its addicting) check ‘teenage talk’ here

Day Wave-Drag (and all the rest of his stuff) If someone asked me to describe indie music I would play them this song. Check ‘drag’ here

Lany– 1) Made in Hollywood 2) I Don’t Care.- I discovered this group a year ago forgot about them and rediscovered, I am pretty sure, soon they will be a household name. check ‘made in Hollywood’ here, check ‘I don’t care’ here

the 1975-robbers (been obsessed with this forever I don’t know its powerful and filled with emotion, that’s what music should be right?) The 1975 will go down as a timeless band. check ‘robbers’  here

Jack Moy and Gloden-24- (saving the best for last, this song blew my mind I haven’t heard anything like it in a long time its so energetic with deep undertones, its liberating to listen to, its fucking amazing), check ’24’ here


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